Smile Direct Club



The current system

The objective of this design challenge was to redesign a feature of a Kleiner Perkins company’s product. I chose Smile Direct Club. The mobile Free 30-Second Smile Assessment was my point of focus, as it is usually a customer’s first interaction with the company, and can make a huge impact on whether or not they decide to try the service. I redesigned the tool to increase response rates.

Duration: 1 week | Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


My high-level goals were to practice applying heuristics and principles to an existing product, and improve it as much as possible. Even though the Free 30-second Smile Assessment is a small and simple tool, we all know that the devil is in the details.


My first step was to understand the purpose of the survey for both the user and the business. The following information is collected from the survey:

  • Purpose for straightening teeth

  • Teeth adjustment history

  • Dental condition

  • Zip/Postal Code

  • E-mail Address

For the Smile Direct Club, the survey is used to build a connection with the users through their e-mail, and collect information about their target audience.

The user receives personalized information about the service from the survey. My design must balance both sides of needs.


User Personas and Cognitive Walkthroughs

The user personas that I developed were used to conduct cognitive walkthroughs on the current system. They are based on a trawl through the #SmileDirectClub hashtag on Instagram. While not the most accurate way to understand the users, it was the most time and cost effective method available. These were my findings.


Visual Design



Visibility, feedback, and the affordance to go back and forth accessibly were required for my redesign. In accordance to best practices for form design, I also replaced dropdown menus with radio buttons; instead of 2 clicks to make a selection, it’s now 1.


Staying true to the Smile Direct Club’s branding, I used indigos, teals, and greys. Sofia Pro was featured in the big bold text (see “Free 30-second Smile Assessment). Their design is very clean and minimal, and I did my best to do the same in my work.




Although the feature I redesigned was simple and straightforward, it’s pretty clear that it has a significant impact for Smile Direct Club. I learned a lot about form design in my research, and was fascinated that a button with just a few more words can change behaviour so much!

Room for Improvement

With more time and resources, I would be really excited to conduct research on the completion rates of the old survey and new design that I created. I would also conduct more detailed research on the user demographic to gain a more fleshed-out understanding.